What is the Pirate Chain (ARRR) Mining Rich List?

The transparent ARRR mining rewards rich list is based on a snapshot taken on September 19, 2021 and shows the transparent addresses that mined ARRR. Firstly, a manual analysis of selecting random blocks from random times was performed to find unique addresses. Secondly, an additional analysis was performed on blocks 1-400,000. In conclusion, from the data analyzed and shown, the majority of ARRR’s supply was identified and mined by less than 30 unique addresses. 20 of those addresses have not yet been tied to any mining pool and have mined over 1 million ARRR each.

Some of these addresses are known pools. Others are unknown pools, pool fee or fractional rewards addresses, as well as solo miners. Multiple addresses may be owned by the same individuals. Some early miners appeared to change their address frequently to leak less meta. Some appeared to have mined to a new address by default. There were multiple blocks with unique addresses that only had a single transaction for the reward. These addresses were ignored in analysis. Only addresses that received multiple rewards are listed.

For the latest data related to an address, click on an address to go directly to the block explorer.

Additionally, there is now a rich list for piratepool.io leaked mining z-addresses. This list is from a workers snapshot taken on September 23, 2019 and only accounts for ~10% of the supply mined through the pool. If anyone has older snapshots, more of the supply can be accounted for. Click here to jump to the list. 

It is unknown exactly who mined the majority of the supply, however, more than 33% of Pirate Chain’s supply was mined through piratepool.io. Piratepool.io was the first mining pool for Pirate Chain and launched days after Pirate Chain. From a November 2018 snapshot of piratepool.io, ARRR’s network hash rate was 102.96 MSol/sec with piratepool.io’s hash rate making up the majority at 91.90 MSol/sec. 233 unique miners were mining on the pool. Once other pools launched, piratepool.io typically had fewer than 100 unique miners. This snapshot from January 2021 shows only 43 miners and average hash rate making up only ~6.5% of the total network hash rate. While this sounds like a significant shift, the majority of supply was already mined.

Piratepool.io used to list z-addresses of miners because Webworker was too lazy to remove miner addresses from NOMP. To see a rich list of some of these addresses from a snapshot taken on September 23, 2019, Click Here.

Due to the nature of ARRR using zk-SNARKS and shielded addresses, whether or not a particular miner may still own and hold the ARRR mined is unknown unless still unshielded. Several addresses still have unshielded funds before performing z_shieldcoinbase, which most solo miners or pool operators would run via cron or other automated method. You would not be able to send or use the mined funds without shielding first. This is why 99% of ARRR in circulation is shielded. Any claims of miners already selling to “pay for electric,” simply can’t be proven and are misleading. Most miners hold and don’t need to sell to pay for electric unless running a large farm as a business, and even then, it would only be a fraction of what was mined. I have personally never sold any crypto I’ve mined to pay for electric. Mining is simply my way of purchasing crypto without using an exchange while also supporting a project. Anyone who needs to sell to pay for electric is simply doing it wrong and shouldn’t be mining to begin with, again, unless a very large farm. 

Dexstats.info has a Pirate Chain rich list for unshielded funds. Although many of the same addresses are listed, our rich list differs from theirs as we primarily list the amounts mined before they were shielded. We believe this is a more significant metric since shielding is typically automated. Their list is only going to show those who never shielded their funds after mining or balances of active mining addresses that have not yet been shielded because they are immature. 

Hash rate history can be viewed here. This excludes early data and starts on October 15, 2018. The network’s hash rate remained relatively the same, aside from small increases and decreases, until April 2021. The April 2021 hash rate increase was primarily due to a major increase in mining profitability as a result of a major price increase. In turn, auto-profit switching pools like Luxor pointed to ARRR. Much of the auto-profit switching hash rate left the network after September 2021 halving when ARRR became less profitable to mine. 

Hash rate is a representation of demand, which has a close correlation to price. Hash rate is also an indicator of how circulated a supply may be. Pirate Chain has always had a relatively low network hash rate compared to other Equihash projects. As an example, the first ~6+ million ARRR were mined when the network hash rate was at or well below ~450 KSol/sec. Today, this is around the equivalent of a single Bitmain Antminer Z15 ASIC. This mining rich list and hash rate history corroborates that few mined a majority of the supply, even when considering the number of concurrent miners on each pool. 

The network hash rate at any specific block height can be checked by running the following RPC command in a console, terminal, or API request (example for block height 984027): getnetworksolps 0 984027. The value returned is solutions (hashes) per second. Note that a zero is passed as the first parameter to return the hash rate for a specific block height rather than the average of last n blocks from block height. If you’re bad at math, you can use this calculator to convert the value returned. 

“Potential days mining” is an estimate based on first and last seen dates at the time of snapshot. This inaccurately assumes the address mined the entire date range. Some did and some did not. These dates can be used for identifying potential address changes by a solo miner or pool operator. One address may stop getting mined to and is last seen on a specific day and a new one is first seen on the same day or days later. There are multiple early addresses that mined large supplies in a matter of days or weeks.

When solo mining or configuring a mining pool, you’ll always mine to a specific transparent address that the block reward goes to. Additional addresses can be specified as “rewardRecipients” in the configuration. These addresses receive a fractional amount of the block reward. They would commonly be used by a pool operator to take their fee or for donations to dev and marketing funds. Some miners may also specify these addresses to try and obfuscate where the rewards actually went. A miner can create the appearance that the block reward was split amongst multiple addresses, yet all the addresses may be controlled by the miner. Fee address or “rewardRecipients” are typically closely related to the owner of the primary block rewards address as they can only be specified by a solo miner or pool operator. These addresses are listed to show potential relationships. 

“Cross-Chain Assets” are funds that exist across multiple chains tied to the same address. For example, a Bitcoin address can be converted to a Komodo address where Komodo funds can be sent to. As long as you have the private key for the Bitcoin address, you can access the funds in the Komodo address. While this is cool for chain interoperability, it is not good for privacy. 

The transparent mining rewards rich list provides a link to check addresses that may have been used across multiple chains. Any address that has funds for other Komodo eco-system coins would typically be an indicator of that address belonging to a Komodo notary node operator or developer. Some have already been moving funds out after this list was published.

Yes, Pirate Chain’s supply was inflated 5x from 40,000,000 to 200,000,000. This change occurred on September 23, 2018. Prior to this change, around the first 30k blocks and approximately 20% of ARRR’s original 40 million supply was mined in several weeks after launch at extremely low hash rate. Along with inflating supply, this 5x increase of the halving schedule deaccelerated halving from every ~54 days to every ~270 days.

According to Satinder Grewal, this was done to incentivize more miners to mine Pirate and increase the network hash rate. Pirate Chain’s original asset chain parameters were the following: 
-ac_name=PIRATE -ac_supply=0 -ac_reward=25600000000 -ac_halving=77777 -ac_private=1 -addnode= 
These parameters still exist today as the 5x was a code change by jl777 to ASSETCHAINS_HALVING. There is nothing stopping Pirate devs from further increasing this 5x inflation in the future and is a likely possibility if the hash rate continues to drop after future halvings. 

ComputerGenie has a reason to lie, misled, and ignore facts. He runs piratesolo.com. He was one of the first to mine Pirate Chain with ASICs, likely owns a large supply, and likely manipulating the price on markets. 

He can kindly prove and show any time piratepool.io had thousands of concurrent miners (or whatever number he has made up in his head), and not the tens and hundreds mentioned and shown in screenshots. As of 12/11/2021, the pool currently has 127 miners. His own pool currently has 2 miners.

I do not have a misunderstanding of how mining on a pool and block rewards/payments work, nor am I attempting to mislead. My comments were simply stating the fact that a small number of people were mining on the pool that mined the majority of the supply. This is only presented as evidence to dispute claims of others stating there were “many” miners, “high” hash rate pre-April 2021, they all “already sold to pay for electric,” etc. Obviously all of the block rewards were mined to the several transparent piratepool.io addresses identified and payments sent to hundreds of separate z-addresses of those mining after shielding coinbase, which can’t be identified. I am not disliking that few mined Pirate Chain and have no reason to promote and tell people to mine it. I am only making others aware that few people mined the majority of the supply, while backing it up with evidence and data directly from Pirate’s blockchain. He is not arguing this fact and agreeing to it by stating “if you don’t like it, encourage others to mine it.” One can make their own conclusion on whether they believe a small number of people mining the majority of the supply in a short amount of time is a good or bad thing. It is irrelevant to me. I am only stating it happened.

The bigger take way from this list are solo mining addresses not related to pools that mined large amounts of the supply. Anyone that knows anything would understand this unless THEY are intentionally misleading by claiming everyone was mining on pools. By ComputerGenie’s own admission, even after public pools came, many were still solo mining. There are over 20 addresses on this list in the top 30 that have not yet been tied to any mining pool that mined over 1 million ARRR each and ~36% of the supply. Look at addresses that started mining in 2018 right when the chain was launched or shortly after. These are all solo miners because no pool existed yet. Many of these solo miners mined hundreds of thousands in days/weeks. There are 7 addresses on transparent list that pre-mined a total of ~2.5 million ARRR before the BitcoinTalk [ANN] was even posted. That initial [ANN] was also announced as a TEST ONLY blockchain. 250,000 ARRR was airdropped to make up for it. 

ComputerGenie’s comparison to BTC pools in 2021 and 37% of hash being controlled by two pools is moot. Early BTC mining was not done through pools. I and thousands of others solo mined with CPUs/GPUs until Canaan released the first ASIC. The difference is BTC’s supply and halving mathematically makes sense and had no ASICs at the time. While mining may be more centralized through pools now, there are millions of miners mining BTC. ARRR’s inflated supply and halving acceleration allowed for a small number of miners with ASICs to acquire the majority of the supply in 2 years. Equihash ASICs were also only released a few months before ARRR launched and sold out quickly, creating a very nice advantage for anyone who bought them and chose to mine ARRR. I know because I acquired all first batch Equihash ASIC models from Bitmain from the Z9 mini to Z15. First batch owners always have the best advantage, not only with mining, but selling the ASICs years later for more than what they cost new after getting ROI multiple times over. 

Perhaps ComputerGenie can identify and let me know any of his other addresses in this list. Being a self-proclaimed big miner with too many ASICs to count, some of these addresses certainly must be his unless he’s entirely full of shit. According to this interview, HE is the noob who only started mining in late 2016. I have been into cryptography with a focus on privacy and security for over 25 years and started mining Bitcoin in 2010. In that interview, take note of the “tradebots” mentioned and then question ARRR’s obvious bot activity on exchanges that have been dumping and manipulating the price since April 2021.

Recently, Kaks stated they have a market maker, so it would appear Pirate “team” has been behind this activity. Interestingly, when this activity was brought up, Kaks claimed it was new “un-expect it FUD” and that all exchanges have market makers. Months later, he openly admits the truth to Pirate “team” being behind it. This makes perfect sense to me when you look back at when this bot was really arbitraging hard for hours straight in the same 10.1 ARRR amounts in August 2021 just before CoinEx re-opened withdrawals. Kaks was working closely with CoinEx and would have had insider information on when their wallet would be operational. Maybe it’s all a misunderstanding, but in my life living on Earth, liars will typically narc on themselves in the future when they can no longer keep up with their own lies. 

Transparent ARRR Mining Rewards Rich List

IDAddressAmount MinedFirst SeenLast SeenPotential Days MiningIdentityCross-Chain AssetsPercentage of Total Supply Mined
1RRL95hu7Pfc4M5uzGL47CQ2rB2rLdpdreg41,246,393.762018-12-15 07:00:272021-12-12 13:37:521093piratepool.ioLink20.62%
2R9trkkkWATReUPSJQRcm3nWN4U8Y7FoLD125,863,792.642018-09-04 11:04:532018-12-30 16:01:57117piratepool.ioLink12.93%
3RXUijjLMXnZacUETPMzvRkmHQ9vsurFHao17,461,571.672020-01-25 00:00:002021-12-12 00:00:00687LuxorLink8.73%
4RMWR78bMaQ9A9khGk68yhWz3FRL75XjSXS9,892,448.002019-03-14 18:41:102021-01-31 16:34:16688Link4.95%
5RGAcznWyhYHa1JuDevQ9iHQCU4yiZbR5Zh8,245,002.912019-06-05 22:36:372020-02-21 08:31:10260Link4.12%
6R9bvmFvkxaiRC7BpJXWJH8J1dLze7cj7eT7,861,512.942018-11-28 00:00:002019-12-21 21:36:49388Link3.93%
7RGzGScyVcSCd4XZGBKusuoSMiRw7hZdTZ44,799,139.842019-02-17 08:25:142019-05-17 12:27:0589Link2.40%
8RHkM8cxFvYyCi2pmdnmkoMBNbGCN9FddUK4,484,548.722019-04-09 12:02:042021-01-19 22:42:52651Link2.24%
9RArnh7yaEgNgvQ2BpCFSYeHPznFTsw5cEE4,226,238.722019-05-17 14:31:432019-10-01 21:54:41137Link2.11%
10RUzrzYTcRT4dTicRy4MeXEpCHCSwmKiAVU3,859,748.352019-04-06 05:13:222019-07-16 14:02:36101Link1.93%
11RX6udMhYtCNEHtS5Xyj1FabCgDxzT2rnJV3,517,937.152019-07-16 03:56:492020-02-28 22:24:44227Link1.76%
12RLN4HnB5af435o23pQbGxAaynm8871UUAr3,325,717.192019-07-12 08:53:392021-12-12 13:14:48884zergpool.comLink1.66%
13RDXDcohLaBYh9Cjqck5F6p2qdzipCzfZU63,218,913.322020-03-21 20:45:532021-05-17 07:24:39421Link1.61%
14RNodk3gEaun8qsGbCbtfSApRKhJiJhRih62,623,509.762019-10-02 02:09:192020-02-01 05:51:48122Link1.31%
15RJFpeiK9jGhYKY7QT9LYPRbuFjvZ5hWux92,582,300.162018-12-15 17:45:002019-02-17 02:58:5863coolmine.topLink1.29%
16RDRELVPYJqUpu79LBg6F6ym1WNt4tWrwnd2,156,160.002019-05-30 07:41:132020-06-14 10:52:02381Link1.08%
17RMe1AMCZ8uvGzYN5Wesj5zAeMc2KSvsvi62,004,456.962019-03-12 01:52:522019-04-03 04:34:5822Link1.00%
18RAmxTcjaTJhCh8eL6GwGpo9VJerSQ88bL21,996,288.692018-10-11 11:41:362018-11-05 20:11:1725Link1.00%
19RPir4tes9Yq2DgQLDZgEcX2iQeTR5mE7z21,877,270.002018-09-05 01:19:372019-01-29 00:12:40145Link0.94%
20RShiFsZFdrRtPWV4CpyW8hCbGX98q714H11,712,513.182019-03-26 00:03:312021-12-12 13:29:00992piratepool.soloLink0.86%
21RB8B9VuYZVd7GE4xsLZYVgEgacjW1PQ9Ju1,671,633.922020-02-01 11:02:542020-05-12 13:00:09101Link0.84%
22RPbrruKTvRujcTd89XqTUWAQ264Wj4QkqQ1,519,008.002020-06-16 04:51:392021-05-25 14:18:08343Link0.76%
23RETSxhwY8iyWKLrhFU8ZNbwrWDLJcMNJXL1,477,888.462018-08-29 17:49:112018-10-23 10:58:3354Link0.74%
24RBvEstVV7J6aCCZBmsC1MRrQj2EZ4N96n61,405,569.262019-05-12 13:21:402019-07-14 12:33:5662Link0.70%
25RBhfdjeX2Jgp8qQS6TAL7GsyJ7XQ9xqiWt1,307,648.372018-09-25 14:49:212018-10-11 16:47:3316Link0.65%
26RKgxpkShxQadCyTiG5iryYdGJ7fGUeWz2U1,202,982.402018-12-23 23:51:262019-06-15 09:22:36173Link0.60%
27RNZgSiZmr5U342KGV4MftQUu53vhVcUxhH1,135,918.082018-11-10 03:50:172018-12-15 09:19:0135Link0.57%
28RGZvYspuwoFjRF7GJYsG2SuiAuwzbJTyrd1,076,201.282019-07-29 18:02:202021-06-08 23:22:12680Link0.54%
29RTPBj9ifdsr4UFte4yb5y6H8JuS3RxFCjK1,037,583.362019-06-23 23:48:152019-07-15 15:01:1421RUzrzYT* fee addressLink0.52%
30RM1JxziE8uKZNGKGGkD6K835S1mFq8oyiE945,064.962018-10-22 19:54:472018-12-18 18:28:0856Link0.47%
31RXoJJYBL9kJpScgbcvtZZj9A74ndEaH4Hi944,385.032019-02-27 19:57:492019-07-12 08:34:29134Link0.47%
32RC9BnYy9H5Gqkfzfkpq2EAgpRfRecvQpHu910,336.152018-09-24 13:36:462018-10-07 04:34:2112Link0.46%
33RJbFav4FAtJS8x9rNkq3288wMPqEw3bFPY895,942.402020-06-15 02:26:302020-10-08 17:00:24115Link0.45%
34RQCBuRp24DdfmZkuYyncrAreJGEshQcBDC879,452.162018-12-28 17:46:112019-01-26 02:04:5528Link0.44%
35RGvLoLVqQuvDXnaXCQ9QemSNkXV77dEUWY860,512.862019-07-18 22:03:192021-04-19 03:36:48640Link0.43%
36RQNk1LHAYJj4dheCH6u1ooXpoctBmvFMSW852,480.402019-02-28 08:14:132019-12-07 12:40:19282Link0.43%
37RRtxnPCvYo2dVZ3P2mWSP8oKHE4UPwp1FY798,210.172019-04-25 06:02:282019-06-05 21:19:5041Link0.40%
38RGjoUbFKDhVVyvQvbUrsv4FNbcoKbazfPA791,808.002019-05-16 10:02:442019-06-26 15:47:4341Link0.40%
39RPbWLeeHiJEeJMyg1KttoXfCfASwKAqzLp604,321.062018-08-29 23:40:192018-09-30 00:36:0831Link0.30%
40RHG7tHBJSWSQXTt1DDXgNapqxtnhBgUN7m580,867.512021-01-29 19:35:442021-06-13 10:48:13134Link0.29%
41RPfQBwAmC6YK2SiedMmBgLPwoV1UihdeTW537,344.002018-08-31 13:36:032018-10-06 05:43:0835Link0.27%
42RBZxvAMqt1QhkvmiMRqDGRBW9QaQjqPEpF514,963.700000-00-00 00:00:000000-00-00 00:00:000cipiLink0.26%
43RDSyFKAM7Ln2Jhmvr3G61DQVdcTTFBVaDo511,906.562018-12-21 04:36:082019-07-07 18:37:29198Link0.26%
44RPPR3E97maHaQRJ4nPQbZBETF1P5xjY9rU487,935.360000-00-00 00:00:002021-11-21 16:29:54NAcoolmine.topLink0.24%
45RGGnNwA8ngqPUdnXseeoxssaTAcPecDJzG458,678.882019-07-09 18:19:582021-04-10 21:59:41641Link0.23%
46RPWKVH6CXHvr9Z4KiSkLCNKjkJqpXMmNX2427,236.482020-10-07 15:34:252021-01-10 16:45:0295Link0.21%
47RGa87KsC42aS2XNBPmiKBe44D8JwHLoxmD419,968.302019-02-04 20:42:402019-07-20 18:36:44165Link0.21%
48RJjJheMaTBMz26rNfhW57uzZBCLTRZugNi413,713.740000-00-00 00:00:002021-09-19 16:05:08NALink0.21%
49RUvTADz1t4DrG5ekBCUvJthw8PgJiP4UCD409,052.162018-12-15 20:52:472019-04-25 14:09:26130Link0.20%
50RS9nx38bFGv8b4Be1V7YoB9goFkS7Ed2uJ400,499.202018-10-04 13:40:142018-12-26 12:36:0182Link0.20%
51RFUN8XezmmZt47pzVmoz7aN5LtFNV9pyuj391,680.002018-08-30 12:37:162018-09-02 17:22:013Link0.20%
52RWEBo1Yp4uGkeXPi1ZGQARfLPkGmoW1MwY380,260.092018-09-04 11:04:532020-03-08 11:23:42551piratepool.io webworker feeLink0.19%
53RBEntC9am3KLX7Gf2d95V9FCssa4XXY9qC361,537.522020-05-18 14:31:072021-12-12 13:11:41572solopool.orgLink0.18%
54RGuQUCtQzu5GG6SEStVmc9D2S2fyVr9fGe320,512.002018-08-30 20:58:022018-10-12 23:39:3443Link0.16%
55RXcN9mRAh9XwwkGKNaeS1LoMfw5LQJDTbD317,157.122021-01-10 20:06:042021-04-19 20:50:5399Link0.16%
56RTPWYij66peBpQzg7wHxrZM7qsE7pAGzrK304,640.002018-09-02 21:41:572018-10-01 19:57:2728Link0.15%
57RVPVpBLVrqSrUUfkhvjgn5VUJaSreQFB6R282,546.482018-08-29 17:42:412018-12-31 14:33:00123Link0.14%
58RCw7gv82pBddgLSP1mfSWhUPHDgcdYC7L4270,927.362018-12-16 21:38:042019-02-10 10:16:5955Link0.14%
59RFQBEMhVZKNnesBMh4j8Q3DaQJuG2TDw2A264,591.362019-04-26 08:10:192020-03-08 11:47:04317Link0.13%
60RAzq6y7dsUKgfuzNjpzyGiuFzvrwuDheQw224,595.612018-10-01 16:50:432021-09-22 18:56:371087piratepool.io dev fundLink0.11%
61RUmVqF2qR7KuiUAB1ZKd4oMNPVQkKrRMbi221,824.162020-08-08 21:33:102021-09-19 14:15:13406Link0.11%
62RA9qDpmuRqpLyVzrFpKFgf21U6pxf5sQvD202,496.012018-09-04 16:03:012018-09-16 13:54:5711Link0.10%
63R9M7uf1oeAxNpSkgviRVVmPLzHuQScAddD197,712.602018-10-26 16:07:272019-01-07 05:12:2072Link0.10%
64RTrVrKN3kKoULJqZCCnvnpTn53zsBiHDQs192,115.842018-11-10 03:50:172021-09-22 19:08:291047coolmine.top fee addressLink0.10%
65RDigKXhny6PWPMWBe8yFEZPRJ2K4UpuWJJ190,720.012018-09-02 15:56:472018-10-06 10:54:2533Link0.10%
66RUBgPaJFdWTcEEpDgFQVFNMweWqJ5tUqrR187,355.520000-00-00 00:00:002021-06-17 21:05:35NALink0.09%
67RD5PhyAUhapsvj5ps2cCHozsXZfQSvDdrZ162,429.852018-11-19 17:05:542021-09-22 18:56:371038piratepool.io marketing fundLink0.08%
68RRv6XMfWLDf9j3Hz3TZzDbqDL1xpEL3Bkb156,119.042018-12-16 03:00:362019-05-09 10:41:12144Link0.08%
69RNA4ykZXBm84d5bcbSQwSsMwktZ94fLvkt147,502.082019-04-06 04:10:382019-04-02 20:19:573Link0.07%
70RS799SjajQ7PwszjnjDbEZTkhc1xyhzofE140,832.002020-07-21 17:42:192021-02-03 09:29:08196Link0.07%
71REo8zuAqA91o5H3ysFDa9VnSSzCJtNm1gF140,800.002018-09-10 02:05:052018-09-12 06:17:182Link0.07%
72RXgVgBaQ1HwQmNiYu9EBoX9CFG6sDuxBPS128,928.000000-00-00 00:00:002021-12-12 16:00:33NAmining-dutch.nlLink0.06%
73RKnDd52zJJVtdLNrsLXnh926ojeuToFGiG126,925.372021-09-22 18:56:372018-12-30 16:23:22997piratepool.io webworker fee Link0.06%
74RMvwMNUfaPdaQtpw5L4MZdYtem4tL54bJF122,496.060000-00-00 00:00:000000-00-00 00:00:000Link0.06%
75RW5wUWWiBmYaXJHNLvMUmvTw5hWcNCxK7a112,664.650000-00-00 00:00:000000-00-00 00:00:000ShadowbitLink0.06%
76RSPZNmV64bwYwoNfydmEN2rJ9fWVxgxivc105,984.032018-10-21 02:53:182018-12-14 07:27:1354Link0.05%
77RQf6QUVqtcv6D63Tf8njZDphNG9f9tfyHm96,755.212018-12-25 23:44:002019-03-26 00:23:4190Link0.05%
78RSXnibPG918A9yh7YbfinBQ1CnszY9UUUc92,032.092019-03-06 05:47:362019-10-01 20:24:27209Link0.05%
79RSWhSwhPi2YbJQ9fNmLc4VWSUtodLBMJZ489,600.002018-08-29 16:00:042018-09-04 06:57:545Link0.04%
80RPPnAfwQWbR5gkYKnyY7tg4Y3832F3Gd9d86,016.002018-09-04 09:17:492018-09-08 23:45:424Link0.04%
81RD84fKMGCfkKzR8ftEp4v5CQGochUnEYXD66,656.520000-00-00 00:00:002021-12-12 13:37:52NALink0.03%
82RDgK1dLgAsWqmSx7Nyw1y9sF6xF7ozkwZg66,480.642019-02-20 09:58:472020-04-27 14:48:05432Link0.03%
83R9a6gXDeQWhzNdBfXySTHo2Ygtp3d3bjo960,672.002018-09-08 23:41:272018-09-10 01:52:291Link0.03%
84RLsqtzKsVzR3M34qCWcWVCHL8QfaHBZzfk59,136.002018-09-15 11:44:202018-09-24 13:36:469Link0.03%
85RY4RVuknTnoeJ3rRDACpcfRPAoaojjXUz850,086.082020-06-08 01:40:172021-09-17 08:43:12466piratepool.usLink0.03%
86RCqxTWixAhphtzp9rx68icSzpnfbPaxLnu47,952.132019-04-06 05:13:222019-07-16 18:02:36101RUzrzYT* fee addressLink0.02%
87RFeoc9CePwz1DjUM8RumAez6HQMqjXZJ4w42,112.192020-06-09 08:15:172021-05-30 02:39:43354Link0.02%
88RHxcYRRCwCZVNxZXQBG7uynmB7u3HEu2mc37,197.272018-12-16 03:00:362019-09-07 13:46:12265RRv6XM* and R9gtuW* fee address. Exactly 777 transactions at time of analysisLink0.02%
89RF5AZxNAZGwfjKaDZmrShzaJczo6nHPeLr31,936.062019-03-25 12:02:112020-10-28 10:11:34582Link0.02%
90RPt9FMEVo26kkQbDeDVaJ4tu1FBsimEJGC29,184.002019-01-15 00:08:372019-01-20 05:19:195Link0.01%
91RQbFg2aamy6mLek98VLmp6TQDFJFxbKzx825,088.002018-08-30 21:24:542018-08-31 13:22:440Link0.01%
92RSMvi1kbbSt8KdjhhY69QjzRgnrkFKVHsL20,247.042019-03-12 01:52:522019-04-03 13:29:2022RMe1AMCZ* fee addressLink0.01%
93RMYrHV4kRmL27g3WNVZF4RaeRGUs2TJoaN19,688.002018-08-29 18:35:272018-09-04 03:07:165Link0.01%
94RUUj6NTWhSHptstjL4J8FPCSy5akv5Ed5115,872.002019-04-15 11:36:192019-05-12 12:28:5527Link0.01%
95RF1ZgZEhEzHiPkYsQV5mhswY78Dvba84JP15,236.270000-00-00 00:00:002021-12-12 13:37:52NALink0.01%
96RUnZZXxKZH8zYPYXWnVvZtsAraqnYtH4wp14,446.082019-05-08 06:27:202019-06-30 20:35:4853Link0.01%
97R9gtuWX5Uj11b3ECC4hDAx76cUtm5Ayo8h14,319.362019-06-30 21:12:162019-09-07 14:02:1368Link0.01%
98RV5EeB2iVDa2Nki7Y8Sk5YzL8gSczpTNSv13,844.482018-12-25 23:44:002019-03-26 00:23:4190RQf6QU* fee addressLink0.01%
99RLgW1drgVCETNgf24nXM9eoqRWhVShzd3g11,783.682018-10-22 19:54:472019-06-28 05:58:12248RCw7gv* fee addressLink0.01%
100RV8jC7m3gMQcWmxazwB343dBPtB8UR4QtU11,776.002018-08-30 03:36:042018-09-26 05:43:4927Link0.01%
101RQZb4cfcFsmduq7JCWgxkDTEYJ4T6xzXXz11,520.002018-11-04 20:00:352018-11-21 08:21:2816Link0.01%
102RGeniexxkjnR34hg7ZnCf36kmfuJusf6rE9,848.242019-01-03 17:38:132021-09-22 19:41:46993piratepool.solo ComputerGenie fee addressLink0.00%
103RFtf7FvRE3CVoeTcmtFDA1rU7RawaJzgQv9,630.722019-04-05 23:02:502019-04-06 05:09:010RNA4ykZ* fee addressLink0.00%
104RH2gU96djAHuPmWVUWkcrAwhgEn5f33b1r9,334.562018-12-21 04:36:082021-09-21 23:29:061005RDSyFK* and RGGnNw* fee addressLink0.00%
105RDP2KM6oBWQvw7aGGqjfx75f8d7v5chgqB8,867.842018-12-28 22:38:452019-01-29 14:56:4231RQCBuRp* fee addressLink0.00%
106RD2uPC7aUkX9tQTYgRvDb2HQPWa22VttEE8,815.700000-00-00 00:00:000000-00-00 00:00:000cipiLink0.00%
107RLqnbAwfucQEcSzcBXEXAavLTtL1FrWxqJ8,136.380000-00-00 00:00:000000-00-00 00:00:000piratepool.io WebWorkerLink0.00%
108RFtGZZ1JCZKJ3ghBumKZhYSawzxDcXBycS6,400.002019-05-12 08:01:282019-05-12 13:11:190Link0.00%
109RNhbLgosvVb8cqb6o3BmfwPs65Z8DDtjaD4,578.642019-03-26 00:03:312019-06-15 09:10:0481RKgxpkS* fee addressLink0.00%
110RQ3NZrJSwKSRftwB7f3zuGob6mTCghtCSc4,346.882018-08-29 23:09:452018-08-29 23:36:170Link0.00%
111RHNhwcVUxqzh7o67yKBxMzFdxSttcZpJEk3,818.882018-11-13 19:42:592019-06-17 00:54:03215RFQBEM* fee addressLink0.00%
112RFXM9hVHrqHSHrGe15t3aDDR7N1jypZeZZ3,677.702018-11-13 13:44:282021-03-02 10:14:28839RFQBEM* fee addressLink0.00%
113RE5BYqSQEBBubczHzc9o86bbKb6zVegjqy2,166.782019-03-18 09:15:572019-06-15 09:10:0488RKgxpkS* fee addressLink0.00%
114RSdjSjTHGbQdR8GfC2vWnE1BoBv9mA7TiJ2,052.102018-12-24 17:11:032019-06-15 10:01:10172RKgxpkS* fee addressLink0.00%
115RX4hUDQ6eopZdPdURsqbJQVUcDGewYx24r1,852.162018-12-23 23:51:262019-03-18 09:08:0184RKgxpkS* fee addressLink0.00%
116RHXEGxTy9AYKiYqTVWnXuZNFofqFQUuAWS1,792.002018-08-30 10:44:522018-09-08 09:53:468Link0.00%
117RPDksnU3hMzBSNqUph5GQdqpG1mEXpZSEi1,587.202019-04-02 20:19:572019-04-06 04:54:553RNA4ykZ* fee addressLink0.00%
118RYV2A8djCcjHuMku6RWUz8ynUZpfsSPBfD1,548.802018-10-26 16:07:272019-01-06 00:05:2371R9M7uf1* fee addressLink0.00%
119RD6GgnrMpPaTSMn8vai6yiGA7mN4QGPVMY1,514.562018-09-03 00:18:412018-08-29 23:08:334RQ3NZr* fee addressLink0.00%
120RHm9XyfLkxFxkkKSwaCPYrYs1oX15RMdv71,024.002018-08-29 22:15:232018-08-29 22:28:130Link0.00%
121RBBcDCvMKqpFsJx9xhAngHSyq3N7a6qo53153.572019-03-26 00:03:312019-03-28 16:50:132piratepool.solo fee addressLink0.00%
122RJNr94pXXopWRLQ4BwxRrnd4SkntnxYPHi30.722019-04-09 12:02:042019-04-09 13:59:380RHkM8cx* fee addressLink0.00%

Total Supply Mined By Analzyed Addresses = 185,210,743.46 ARRR

Percentage of Total Supply (based on 200,000,000 ARRR) = 92.61%

Piratepool.io Leaked z-address Rich List

This piratepool.io rich list was generated from a snapshot of leaked z-addresses from piratepool.io on September 23, 2019 @ Block Height 551499. For perspective on hash rates, the Antminer Z11 (135 KSol/s) was released in April 2019. At this time, twenty Z11 ASICs for ~$30k USD would have made one the top miner on the pool. At this block height, this list appears to show that the majority of miners were running at least a Z9 mini (10-16 KSol/s), with few GPU miners left on the pool. Most of these addresses are no longer being mined to as most miners change their address frequently. 

This list accounts for only ~10% of the supply mined through the pool. Earlier snapshots could account for more of the pool-mined funds. Additionally, some of these addresses, including the #1, mined to the same address on other pools. The funds shown in this list are not necessarily the total funds the addresses held, but only the funds paid out by piratepool.io. Hash rate shown is the hash rate at time of snapshot. Click any address to view on the pool. 

IDAddressAmount MinedHash RateStill MiningPercentage of Total Supply Mined
1zs1dx7glm0fgjxx20x09…jxc77dwjwgmtucrw7nvr1,826,098.322.61 MSol/s0.91%
2zs1xa3ka7c69msdr7zsv…sqmytshy9mpy95y8685f529,835.5339.10 KSol/s0.26%
3zs1jzd9x2xmzs5rm25an…4uj3f0ykvdeq5xavnn5t390,777.322.74 MSol/s0.20%
4zs16th0h25anysruy3zt…5xw6pqtc97xprgkrxq4w388,692.94437.61 KSol/s0.19%
5zs1ugqgh2kmy2gw4dvw5…yzd8j4kagqvzyjvx52vz213,338.86451.01 KSol/sYES0.11%
6zs1xp0qrjqmt6mw3mqsr…0yne7twgl5q7a5ymg8uz205,463.75263.61 KSol/s0.10%
7zs1472n3l963npekl570…5uylkm4ny8dcc2z80fd0172,482.1816.46 KSol/s0.09%
8zs159t6tuqpcvgnl5ppn…phus965qnps34yd3fauh153,184.21560.08 KSol/s0.08%
9zs1kw0tzghqtta3fymut…gk0qntzvjtgumkuq0lnm142,491.75323.57 KSol/s0.07%
10zs1hhety07qt9t2n79pg…ssx5c6xmqzpztq083ezn124,236.26267.23 KSol/s0.06%
11zs1nenlqysgwwnay4r4r…s5tvr5k892v762juauqt122,628.65287.26 KSol/s0.06%
12zs1rwk3uf6drqxe90fq3…zt98f8mfe4yvkjjkh0wd117,445.33229.81 KSol/s0.06%
13zs1tzeen55r9yvd3gnn8…nka6l5wd8gtvs77qjuv9112,761.80161.45 KSol/s0.06%
14zs1tlj8fcn97utdqwnvm…l4w8s8mxuxxy5x4vuwyr102,369.76298.79 KSol/s0.05%
15zs13pu7j4xws0wvytt9m…7thsmfgp2x2wgylx5gkv90,503.41355.16 KSol/s0.05%
16zs1suttx9527d5w22fs8…8zrff6dw0dckjcm2lytd89,889.03752.95 KSol/s0.04%
17zs1yvxn5tctt030ac0zd…m2vj0ta6jzhsxqvu726r84,470.3393.79 KSol/s0.04%
18zs1c2mmkyxt0c6yc87f4…4cd4cmytpg7sscf3nmv078,607.09626.19 KSol/s0.04%
19zs1yqvknapxfvyujzpey…kuc4ydf9a9dgf6cxs3uk67,709.80718.92 KSol/s0.03%
20zs1x6c2j9w09afg5arew…vxmnljhk5yrm9zjv5jcn63,989.66123.50 KSol/s0.03%
21zs1c4ge98f8l6h27cq3p…y6e6h4gru5khp228xnht63,127.26101.30 KSol/s0.03%
22zs1la2rxga9e63ccddhh…r0kx95qdtn9zsqegdgts60,945.83123.46 KSol/s0.03%
23zs139ckhpv3m09xpsutf…9x33wvc3lpd3a6dxtmmg60,016.90128.16 KSol/s0.03%
24zs14zc4jz2dt49axxwjg…9ynn8qv6qr3wnwq84n5x58,782.0695.29 KSol/s0.03%
25zs1adp4w0d2nm886mske…spl04yljzp8gccr7d37h57,801.76316.14 KSol/s0.03%
26zs14ex248vk2frzvfz9p…0628ge40vnt0u773es4f51,525.44163.99 KSol/s0.03%
27zs15avz009j4ptsr753k…ta3286a2wg7guxe0x9xk49,616.37201.21 KSol/s0.02%
28zs1n35n2jafndfg7nq36…r9z59xj2waern22wh8sv45,347.72143.87 KSol/s0.02%
29zs1ht25v743289srx80e…93skw3y0hexa5v6hg6qc40,885.65377.87 KSol/s0.02%
30zs1yl3sgrdxczgc34u39…xz8eqvn8ad35vsu5my4f40,613.40221.96 KSol/s0.02%
31zs1f3z8pxqedp060hazc…fddm4vaq5uyzp62vxkyr40,525.64126.56 KSol/s0.02%
32zs1tnrm66w7kt50qef33…7scjlyzpmmc6nv6tuhkj38,000.0656.49 KSol/s0.02%
33zs1zfkzc5hap02aerakw…3r0cwfxk98nx6ye8xvqc37,692.5930.78 KSol/s0.02%
34zs19qedn3hnm4fjh0wnw…kx62rce0lmg0nwkaydn436,421.78263.33 KSol/s0.02%
35zs1ltsv4arjssxgdt46e…jl4zfqgg3ztamur7rz2e34,652.2434.00 KSol/s0.02%
36zs1f67s4xydf2uljm56z…9mfny35tg8s8jq9ugvca32,589.9558.31 KSol/s0.02%
37zs123l7v3dsfsg0jtu59…chv5hsyk7xz5w7q3t92g31,594.2880.03 KSol/s0.02%
38zs1nm7ytn3zskrpkplvp…zw6523j2mpl0mjc5p0gm31,199.7144.35 KSol/s0.02%
39zs1thzzd026vh3nywxpk…8yfkfxq45dvaszdyemeq30,944.5939.37 KSol/s0.02%
40zs1q4lxy93l4cr0xwg8e…4vvvef3u07ws9sh4rk3730,251.86104.11 KSol/s0.02%
41zs1f29adsnv527yqe85a…s8edl8xqtc7q5vz6vynv29,075.01694.32 KSol/s0.01%
42zs1rjtdf37mff0hj4sqk…jdgpyf5nyvlec6jlv9af25,052.23200.15 KSol/s0.01%
43zs150fz6vsywkylcean5…s9ml7z2z2c7yz2vxtjy623,039.588.59 KSol/s0.01%
44zs1rmdzl36cts7vdvze3…66srdtpmcetrncf2mqpf21,885.7363.13 KSol/s0.01%
45zs1ncu8u3p6fk28yg2g8…ngq2xge634hfakjcq8wx21,423.54254.23 KSol/s0.01%
46zs1xzvv83c0ddma0cfk3…nzry4psf7pyazuajqzxz20,220.18164.70 KSol/s0.01%
47zs1qjlhya9ac8pmxhd2t…pcm6udr56v4c2wvx8ve019,521.4868.00 KSol/s0.01%
48zs1cdn92e8z4tnrg05ts…4aj4j2t4y7xgp246jps218,446.74517.38 KSol/s0.01%
49zs1ftlew0d3mvxxxrxlm…ns0ww7lc3yqzq5rzu6pq17,885.6852.90 KSol/s0.01%
50zs1kcvkrl235hrjkvenr…87kcutlmqz6dvqgxa8f816,449.39214.74 KSol/s0.01%
51zs18dgperhtxpg67skhs…3wywvhat45qzns7kdmh315,419.10119.49 KSol/s0.01%
52zs1zudwjzpg9l632dnk5…mecs6nz0ypmv7kjlr4wp15,268.0421.18 KSol/s0.01%
53zs1w3qlt6l0m7c0sxyll…xw2a2wyq04qysy9d0zv414,672.7160.12 KSol/sYES0.01%
54zs1u29nvta3yvnxr0m3p…k0lwtzzejpnhxzkljcn014,406.8362.37 KSol/s0.01%
55zs17ly2ypa55kfskpt0p…ul3ag0u9r408pv39w8rx14,007.8164.29 KSol/s0.01%
56zs1h29m2lar7tr9d8qa7…9qr7l4ffk8vxc6j8yhpp13,367.7532.00 KSol/s0.01%
57zs1zkacp4fwdd9cz5657…92gn53qy3n0nnw4fm3an13,302.97136.09 KSol/s0.01%
58zs1jhfnyeyv8gkg0ty4a…8l8hpnf0akplcqe033kv13,271.44108.84 KSol/s0.01%
59zs1yhspnlvecumcj5k7x…t3xcmp57qt750yg5uk5212,973.0119.31 KSol/s0.01%
60zs17pvfekuzkesaru7vz…nhp9v7vr9p386uh732ml12,736.9987.82 KSol/s0.01%
61zs1mk0mjfpen9pgsaq7z…x8t7sppgz8ctcwmjyl9m11,707.4754.23 KSol/s0.01%
62zs1fqs2jh927hg8j8a6p…qz6lg6l59avzru4z7syu11,380.4919.33 KSol/s0.01%
63zs18qptgcewp65xtg097…x8yyrnyrfzjq5zwxvhne10,743.9326.49 KSol/s0.01%
64zs105zhhtg6ku9ydaaj4…6969tz8jvq3592vn9f6y10,668.1034.98 KSol/s0.01%
65zs1jpjapnkzlpm96nle6…txku3rsqgym3evd898mg10,641.6015.75 KSol/s0.01%
66zs1lsdu90pqvaxzv9nfz…vwul2pc5mqd9jxcjxuvs10,582.8145.61 KSol/s0.01%
67zs1ae0y60chg7d7jug8l…u9s0rpvkfq0r6q9txztf9,888.0822.19 KSol/s0.00%
68zs10amg6yu6jdu6f6azj…nvjjssjhtjy076k9533e9,524.9964.52 KSol/s0.00%
69zs1js0mr57pclnyecd7q…4vuw7hfxfsrzuwyj9dxd9,171.5849.22 KSol/s0.00%
70zs10gjfa32faku0ynsuj…4ywmymeyz4g2d5m34e4l9,146.9449.48 KSol/s0.00%
71zs1t4r3s2zyfkrjxl594…y0lckmwfeh3qnsc02ulq8,983.2519.93 KSol/s0.00%
72zs1d7e8w6qswr0tcar3r…0ve63fkzc2kwyjtdgl6s8,717.6340.09 KSol/sYES0.00%
73zs16k0ls24fdw7w4tep4…z3a726lylxccdw2yzdtx8,371.3349.76 KSol/s0.00%
74zs1lx8777xa07595u6kg…k7wzn25tk8f69udctwld8,301.9916.64 KSol/s0.00%
75zs14t4glcrqcu895zdgg…pju0357uf063v24yywnv7,960.059.31 KSol/s0.00%
76zs13tu822k2ntvmfgjyz…3t48chfdgd0mvzfxwvgg7,709.1745.41 KSol/s0.00%
77zs1gzy3j9lalnka9xa3j…tky256y268z6eu8ah7dn7,699.5551.42 KSol/s0.00%
78zs1s9k704q9q4hqhmsnf…aledh3d27sklgup0277f7,601.4028.25 KSol/s0.00%
79zs1cmj447y6ckgcgws96…0ycxeeg04uvgakexzh7s6,962.3621.44 KSol/s0.00%
80zs1axn7p9kvpv6vtkymm…kn9yeaq80xv99qranf7c6,750.7687.21 KSol/s0.00%
81zs164jyv6zpfwqv6dwws…fe6zf5jyv03ct7fhkge56,650.5831.11 KSol/s0.00%
82zs102ft4z48a0swmursw…x2gzsdg03860xse2vuhn6,214.0020.04 KSol/s0.00%
83zs1n4q5c7d4pcse3pn7c…m76hjucfn5j33jwnz0as6,161.8345.10 KSol/s0.00%
84zs1dnkdssd3fagte5c7y…kugqqjhkz0dr4gynq0cq6,132.7122.42 KSol/sYES0.00%
85zs1656vkzm0ly50snnch…mfmcndyczsrde7lnh36g5,890.9413.60 KSol/sYES0.00%
86zs1rw2yyk3nzucdf0zdl…0rtksv0xaullrcvmmje75,284.4951.80 KSol/s0.00%
87zs1e3zwl3vyrecsfm4p4…rrnerc79whalv7sppdty5,282.0515.75 KSol/s0.00%
88zs1tr0xn078w7x5mp48q…5ktufsd0ua84dgl6elts5,020.2238.65 KSol/s0.00%
89zs14dcm6le8kc94t7xc5…g3dr4gm3jjm25z7t7qvs4,751.2927.26 KSol/s0.00%
90zs1v3n9gphflsxt02xzl…nrlqppplgmnwrks9r2jk4,658.8341.58 KSol/s0.00%
91zs1zqnwh4yvjrgm4tjr7…jxyljtvz9defgy6ewwan4,270.2717.80 KSol/s0.00%
92zs1rzu4nmxttvtnpxjg0…4nve5lqgdsgpxydxdga04,103.2710.74 KSol/s0.00%
93zs1l2zdrxqxq75d44ecz…ma9x3rpze2kd46aj4ggr4,027.295.01 KSol/s0.00%
94zs1glmeyv34agh9ckmaw…ume08tnynd04g703h70s3,842.8719.33 KSol/s0.00%
95zs162p2y0k0lvh224u9f…gdhylrzmt25e7slsrnuk3,824.4719.53 KSol/s0.00%
96zs1ypeg9rrnc6v0pfdyg…skx87gmumtpdlqf2k6pg3,769.5769.82 KSol/s0.00%
97zs1x65yxy8nxzanerxq7…rxvkryxsw4gxx662k8ht3,637.6641.04 KSol/s0.00%
98zs1anrk580g3kd20xges…27k26t09de27ngtc20qn3,249.6419.33 KSol/s0.00%
99zs15czww5atmapndyfz9…sld2tuh3s2eyjq5tx0kn3,208.6612.17 KSol/s0.00%
100zs176l7cprxcwvxh9hsj…pmh67767hsknakrmmne23,091.5559.71 KSol/sYES0.00%
101zs1fs2s7ld9jzkese5hk…9xke9anx34w56uksplz92,842.719.31 KSol/s0.00%
102zs1c240rr98gytnrntam…5gqv67pjpam3js5dmqfz2,743.47179.18 KSol/s0.00%
103zs1cqdpk79jfyfsqcn6w…mcdeh6qjsf83t6268vrj2,730.496.99 KSol/s0.00%
104zs16pv4g90anr0ad6w3u…wym43fn93jm6tx2gt95y2,428.3012.39 KSol/s0.00%
105zs1pz5j2pq986xdev9kh…ahnaf7uuwm5d7jampdvf2,040.538.59 KSol/s0.00%
106zs1dmjr8uxcx0hfqspsn…wxn8mesp2xgp7sd5newr1,896.099.31 KSol/s0.00%
107zs17qgnthvrkavjezxq7…9zaj5ek76ngglyq243fw1,579.4613.60 KSol/s0.00%
108zs15rpnzwdcur86w4jfq…u3ulxt98w2kwcxs97wlj1,508.94134.30 KSol/s0.00%
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114zs1xj0k50fgx5r0jaems…x0ryltwhc8wjezyg63e8237.9922.56 KSol/s0.00%

Total Supply Mined By Analzyed Addresses = 6,599,146.82 ARRR

% of Total Pool-Mined Supply (based on 67,110,186.42 ARRR) = 9.83%